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Brand new from Ed Tandy McGlasson, The Father You've Always Wanted takes you on a journey of learning how to live in the Blessing.

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Leading Your Family Through Hard Times
Let's face it, the bible promises us that in this life, we will have troubles! James said, "Count it all joy...
The Father Wound In Our Children
I meet people everyday who are still waiting for healing to come between them and their dads. The wound of th...

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edtandy What does loving community look like? - http://t.co/aWwLGiSxma
edtandy RT @MichaelHyatt: Get your time back: How to Create More Margin in Your Life http://t.co/zKzPxgxEsT
edtandy RT @billgaultiere: We want clarity and certainty but then we don't need faith (trust) in God. Mother Teresa's advice helps: http://t.co/nPf
edtandy RT @Fathers_Rock: I will always have my children's back, no matter how old they get. Salute to all The Champion Fathers all over... http://…

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