Meet Ed Tandy McGlasson

Ed Tandy McGlasson is a very big man with a very big heart for hurting people and a very big vision to reach them with the love – and the Blessing – of the Father.

meet edA five year veteran of the National Football League, since his college days Ed has been – literally and figuratively – in the center of the action on the athletic fields of major stadiums all over America. As a lineman on four NFL teams in three of the nation’s biggest cities, he heard the cheers of huge crowds every weekend of his life from the time he was a young boy in high school. Ed details his life in his best-selling book The Difference A Father Makes – a book that has changed thousands of reader’s lives with over 200,000 copies sold since its release in 2004.

In his book, Ed describes first-hand how he lost his heroic dad in a tragic plane crash in 1956. Through it all, he gained a father, a step-dad, who had a powerful, positive impact on him in the formative years of his life. Then, after a numbing knee injury nearly ended his college football career, Ed became an outspoken Christian comparing Jesus’ relationship with His Father to the relationship every father needs to have with his own children. Ed eventually entered the ministry in 1984 and started traveling, sharing his testimony and speaking at evangelistic crusades. In 1988 Ed planted the Stadium Vineyard in Anaheim, CA, and has been pastoring there ever since.

Ed has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the country and across the world, including sharing his testimony at a number of rallies for Billy Graham crusades. He and his wife of 31 years Jill, live in Southern California with their five children.


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Ed Tandy McGlasson


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