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The Blessing of the Father is not just for people who never had a father, or didn't have a present dad, or had a terrible one. It's for all of us, and it affects every part of our lives. Experiencing the Blessing of the Father for yourself is allowing God's blessing to touch every part of your life; every relationship, every interaction.. and to find your identity, your purpose and your calling through connecting with your Father in heaven - the very one who created you! It's not a one time deal. It's daily, it's every moment, it's seeing our connection to each other in the bigger story that the Father is writing. I want to keep this conversation with you going. Let's keep inspiring and encouraging each other. Let's keep growing and discovering together. We want to be a part of your journey.

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edtandy Want to learn how to become a full-time writer and publish your first book? Check this out from @jeffgoins :-)
edtandy Grandpa heaven!😍
edtandy This is who I get to hangout with tonight. My beautiful granddaughter Isla

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