The Difference a Father Makes


The Difference a Father Makes

When is the last time you read a book that one minute you are laughing out loud and the next you are fighting back tears? I wish I had this information when our children were young - but I have three sons, Mike, Tom, Marc - each have small children - I'm gift wrapping one for each of them, confident they will be using these tools very soon.

Bill McCartney
Founder, Promise Keepers


If you have never received a blessing from your father, this book is also for you. Ed gives insight on how you can connect to the Father and receive the blessing you never got a chance to recieve. In The Difference a Father Makes, Ed Tandy McGlasson challenges dads to excel in fatherhood and equips them to do so. "It is not that dads don't want to bless their kids, it is that many of them just dont understand how to do it." Discover the potential you have as a father to make a difference in the lives of your children! Learn how you can empower your children to pursue their dreams!


I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed the presentation you made of the role of a Righteous Father, and hope that everybody, whether Christian or Jew, will take the time to read this book and see the role of the father and how important it is in the development of a child that is strong and faithful.

The book made me cry, made me exult in my own relationship with my dad while I was a child, and as a man as well.

An excellent job capturing the essence of the Bar Mitzvah(or Bat Mitzvah) experience!

May Hashem bless this work as a wonderful interfaith bridge as well.

My Rabbi Friend, S. Berkowitz

Ed has test proofed this material in our church over the last ten years. It works! I have seen our men come alive as they experienced the love of their father as other men spoke 'the blessing' over their lives. This has taught our men to move from the heart in speaking 'the blessing' over the hearts of their sons and daughters. I have four adult children, and without a doubt Ed has shown me and our church what a difference a father makes.

J. Newman

Finally, a book that provides a true tangible blessing for you and your children that will change your family relationships forever!

Dave Wheeler
President, Majestic Realty Co.

I laughed and cried through this book. Before knowing Ed was working on a book, I actually saw Ed giving out something to a crowd in a vision and the were all weeping. Now I know what they were weeping about. The need to know the Father and to get through the natural hindrances we have had built in to our upbringings is so critical, and this book gets to the root of it. To restore us to the father means raising up better fathers who will raise up our next generation, a fatherless one. The enemy gets one huge slap to the face with the writing of this book. Let the healing come! Let healthy fathers spring up all over the world! This book should be on the desk, nightstand or kitchen table of everyone who is concerned about the health and spiritual growth of their families.

Brian Goodwin

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